In this session we are going to show you how to set up an existing built Whelping box.


The first thing you want to do is put the padding down on the floor. Ensure that there is not any moisture under the rubber pad.


Make sure that the pad is centered. Make sure that the blanket will be centered on the pad. This ensures a good fit.


This is what your blanket should look like, with all corners tucked under the rubber pad. The reason for tucking the blanket under the pad is so that it will not come untucked once the whelping box is set on the blanket.


Oncw you have the blanket situated where you think is best, you want to set the heating pad off to one side of the whelping box. This will allow the mom to move off of the heating pad if she gets too warm. I recommend using a heating pad that will not shut off after a given time. I use Sunbeam Large heating pad.




Once you have the heating pad where you think would work OK for you, you can put the top blanket over top of the heating pad. Use a blanket that can be changed easily if the mom or puppies make a mess.


Lay this blanket out and also tuck it under so that the mom, if she tends to dig when nesting will not pull the blanket up. It's not neccessary to tuck this blanket under the pad, but I recommend tucking the blanket under itself to keep it in place.


This is what your blanket setup should look like just before you place your whelping box on the blanket. The next step is to place and center your whelping box on the blanket and pad.


After placing the whrlping box onto the blanket.


You want to make sure that the whelping box is centered on the blanket.


I install a metal fence with a gate around the whelping box just in case the mom decides to climb out of the box. This also keeps the other dogs out of the whelping box.



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